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Meet Bluebell

Meow!  I am Bluebell Jones. 
I was born in March of 2010 and was found by my awesome human parents Lara and Justin at the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin Texas.  I have been such a happy silly kitty ever since I came to live with them.  I have them wrapped around my finger and get everything I want. 
My interests include running like a horse, playing chase, basketball, licking, drinking water from the faucet, jumping in the bathtub and climbing things.  I also respond to the names Boo Boo, Boo Bell, Monster and Blue (of course).  I am sure I will be the only baby in this house for a long time. 
We only have fur babies around here. 

I even have my own portrait by local artisan Eli Halpin.

She does really neat work with oil paint on old refurbished doors.  I think she really captured my fun personality.  Lara and Justin have not told me when we go out on a gallery tour with it yet.

To adopt your own awesome fur baby like me, check out Town Lake Animal Center
Paws Out!