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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blonde Blogging

Thanks for your patience while I learn how to do this whole blog thing.  I am sure many of you have received 3 or 4 emails of the same post that has been tweaked and edited.  I do apologize and I still don't know how to stop that.  I am learning some things on here and adding some cool features.  I am sure as this goes along it will grow and be more fun for everyone!

Today I learned how to make it easier to sign up for my postings, added pages for us and added some of my favorite blog links to the homepage as well.  So far Bluebell has been very productive in filling out her deets... check it out. 

I pulled some stats and we actually had 225 blog hits since I started it a month ago!  That is alot for us since we don't even know that many people!  So I better get to making this look good and more interesting.  Got to impress the masses.

You may have noticed the name change the other day to "Tall Blonde and Handy".  There are a ton of "Keep Up With the Joneses" sites out there so it was very hard to find if you searched that.  Also,  I think this new name is kind of fun and different.

More home posts to come soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top This!

After the whole butcher block countertop fiasco we lucked out with a great deal at Home Depot to order some nice quartz countertops by Silestone for our kitchen. 

Here are some samples of the color: Bianco River

It's hard to tell from the photos but it has a slightly matte finish in white with grey river rock-like striations.  It reminds me of a more Americana version of carrara marble.  I just came up with that term so no making fun!

In about 4 weeks or so we will be able to show you them installed with an undermount sink and our cool faux-ceiling tile back splash!  We can't wait!


Craving Creativity?

Craving Creativity?

I want to share with everyone a really great post from Centsational Girl.

Click here to check out her blog!

Here are some ideas she has me ready to try once we get more settled...

Last year, Darby introduced me to the world of blogs. It really helped me to get my creative juices flowing and inspire me to try new things and get excited about something. With the new home, I have really fallen in love with the home design blog world. It is amazing all that is out there. No need for magazines anymore, they are outdated by the time you get them. Everything new and interesting is on the blogs.

One of my faves since day one is Centsational Girl. She is a lawyer turned creative guru/entrepreneur.  Sounds like a good career change to me.  Today she posted an entry about how to get your creative juices flowing and where to find inspiration. This is so true!

I hope you all enjoy,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make like a tree...and get outta here.

So, the photo from the first post of the outside of the house was a little misleading.  The tree had grown quite a bit, and leaves were everywhere.  In fact, it looked something like this:

I know there is a car in the way - but it helps to show how low the tree was hanging down.  You can also see the row of shrubs hanging out in the back.  After a little slicing and dicing, you can actually see the front of the house!

There has also been a lot of progress in the kitchen and getting settled in the house in general.  I've been taking some photos of the transformation - but we'll save those for later.  I wouldn't want to ruin the Big Reveal!  In the meantime, some people asked about the hardware and what it looked like - so here is a close up shot. 


Monday, April 11, 2011

"...nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should." - Julia Child, My Life in France

Well Hello! 

Sorry for the delay everyone.  I know you have been in such anticipation of our next post that you haven't left your house for days in fear you would miss something... NOT!

We knew cabinets would take a while, but man, they REALLY do take a while.  You get to prime then flip, prime then flip, 1st coat then flip... and so on.  We have a few that did not make the first round of sanding and painting but you can get a good idea here at how bright and fun our kitchen is coming along.  Just wait until we have the back splash, counter top, lighting, drapes and seating to go along with it.  Oh, and I can't forget decor... Justin loves decor!

Sherwin Williams Calypso, Amerock Essential'z Hardware

Gayla Jones let us in on a really cool fact that we did not know about.  Julia Child's kitchen was also turquoise!  Chef Justin will be sure to impress! Here is a photo of her kitchen which is now featured in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

In the words of Julia, "bon appetit"!
Lara & Justin