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Sunday, May 22, 2011

And on the 60th day there was LIGHT!

Today marks two months since we closed on the house!

We have so much to show everyone. Justin has become so super handy, he is practically an electrician. He has told me how he can't imagine doing this all day for a job. I just want to know when my super muscles are coming from holding things over my head while he connects the wires.

Last weekend we changed out the terrible track light in the kitchen to one with a much lower profile. Not only did you almost hit your head on it, they were really hot fluorescent lights so they made you sweat before you even started cooking.

Here is what we have now... much more sleek.

Since the first light change out experiment went so well, this weekend we tackled two more as well as the master ceiling fan.

First came the breakfast area in the kitchen. We first ordered a lantern style pendant from Overstock and it ended up being way to large but we loved it so it is now in the downstairs bath (see below). So I went looking for something a little smaller and found this nice discreet shaded pendant. Since it does not hang as low, I wont be staring at the bulb in my eyes like the one that came with the house. Before


The lantern in the downstairs bathroom replaced a really awesome cheap spotlight. It reminded me of those old desk lamps from Ikea in the 80's. I totally had one on my Ikea desk I just "had to have" and I remember having it in my room while watching The Arsenio Hall Show... woot woot woot! (You have to do that with your arm in the air.)

Although we don't have a before photo, I am sure you can imagine a really ugly spotlight being used as bathroom lighting.

And now... sparkly fancy lighting!

Coming soon...

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